Members of the consortium

The project is implemented by a European network of 9 partners able to structure a European stakeholder dialogue on quality of jobs and services.


POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS, independent European think & do tank, is committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe. Among its strategic core activities – research, consulting, coordination of EU projects and event organisation – PLS has 11 years of specific experience in Personal and Household Services at European level.



DIESIS (European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy), supporting social economy, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Europe. DIESIS members benefit from a network with over 80,000 enterprises from the Social Economy all over Europe. 


EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions), made up of 2.6 million members of 120 national trade unions in 38 European countries, is representing workers in agriculture, food, beverages and tobacco, hotels, restaurants and catering in Europe, including domestic workers.



EFSI (European Federation for Services to Individuals), which represents national federations of services providers as well as companies involved in the development of Personal and Household Services throughout Europe.


EPSU (European Federation of Public Service Unions) represents 265 affiliates in 45 countries organising around 8 million public service workers in the energy, water and waste sectors, in health and social services and in local and national administration throughout Europe. In the health and social services sector, EPSU represents about 3.5 million workers employed by public authorities or private non-for profit or commercial providers. EPSU is the recognised EU-level social partner in five sectors, amongst them in the hospital/health care sector and for local and regional government.



ESN (European Social Network) is the independent network of 111 member organisations in 34 countries for local public social services in Europe.  The ESN brings together people who plan, manage and deliver public social services, together with those in regulatory and research organisations. We support the development of effective social policy and social care practice through the exchange of knowledge and experience. .

UNI Europa

UNI Europa, the European Services Workers’ Union is a European trade union federation. It unites national trade unions organising in service and skills sectors in 50 different countries. With 320 affiliated trade union organisations, UNI Europa represents 7 million workers.


ORSEU, a social research office that edited several studies for the European Commission such as “Developing personal and household services in the EU – A focus on housework activities” for the DG EMPL in 2013.


Social Services Europe brings together eight Europe-wide networks of professional not-for-profit providers of social, health and care services, representing over 100,000 organisations throughout Europe who provide services for those most excluded from the labour market, for our education systems and for our communities. All eight member organisations work to ensure the further development of social inclusion, cohesion and well-being in Europe.